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Taxi Pocket is a timely and reliable application for booking a taxi. Either you need a ride, you are a driver or own a fleet. Get started today!


How it works

Book a Taxi

Taxi Pocket detects your location. You can choose a drop-off point to see the approximate fare. Confirm your booking!

Booking is Sent

All nearby drivers are contacted automatically. One that suits your needs accepst your booking.

Meet your driver

Your driver is assigned to you in a few moments. Get to know who will drive you.

Track your Taxi

Driver is coming to you. Track your taxi location on the map

Pay & Rate

Pay conveniently with your credit or debit card in the app or by cash. Use Pocket Points to get a discount on the ride. Leave feedback about the driver by rating 1 to 5 stars.

Switch to Available

Turn on Taxi Pocket app. When you are ready to work switch "send me new orders" to ON.

Accept the Order

New order comes with a notification. You will see the client`s address and distance from your location. Choose the approcimate time of arrival to inform the client.

Confirm Your Arrival

When you arrive at the client`s location tap on "Arrive". Client will be notified that you are waiting. You can see the type of payment client had chosen: card or cash.

Start the Trip

Tap "Start the trip" when the client has boarded.

Accept Payment

At the end of the trip enter full fare in the app window. Client will pay you by cash or card via application.

Rate the Client

You will be informed about successful card payment. Don`t forget to rate the client. Leave your feedback about the client by rating 1-5 stars.

Why you should use Taxi Pocket

Convenient payments

You can pay by cash or your credit/debit card via your application. Simple as that!


Get the closest suitable taxi with a few taps. No talking with a dispatcher.


Get your taxi based on pricing and additional preferences.


See the approaching taxi on the map. Get to know your driver before the trip.


Collect Pocket Points for riding with Taxi Pocket, inviting friends and claiming coupons. Taxi Pocket lets you ride cheaper.


Lost your belongings in the taxi? It happens. Every Taxi Pocket ride is recorded, so you will get your lost belongings as soon as possible.

Why you should use Taxi Pocket

Increased earnings

Get more orders from registered Taxi Pocket users, earn more money.

No monthly subsciption

You pay fixed fee for every order from Taxi Pocket. No hidden fees or charges.

Mobile payments

Clients can pay you via their mobile phone. Get more loyal clients having the most convenient way to accept payments. Good old cash payments are still available.

Flexible work

Choose when you want to get orders. Turn the app on when you are ready.

Save your time

Choose your order radius. You will get orders from the closest client. It means less empty kilometers.


Simple and easy to use. Developed partnering with drivers - for the best drivers experience.

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